"As the perception of twenty-first century art recedes, our objectivity towards it increases." 

A D W E N A   S H E M O N  is a self taught Sydney-based practicing artist and writer. Having graduated from the University of Sydney in the field of Art History and English literature, she is drawn to what infers creativity and its expression. In 2005 she completed two semesters within a fine arts institution, only to find that its structure and philosophy did not coincide with her very own. She cites that artistic expression cannot be confined nor directed, and that technique is best discovered than taught. Her work is abstract expressionist in aesthetic, although chance and instinct are fundamental principles to her entire oeuvre.

The works of artists Francis Bacon, Gerhard Richter, Wassily Kandinsky, Jean-Michel Basquiat and Marcel Duchamp are among several inspirations. Through  studying Art History and theory at university, she developed a strong draw to Modernist and Conceptualist ideals concerning philosophy/manifesto over aesthetic. Her art practice aspires to reflect the journey of the artist as an evolving entity through the utilisation of traditional mediums such as oil paint and ink. Underlying each work is the directive that nothing is stagnant, everything is evolving and that one must surrender to the auxiliary of transience and the natural order wherever creative expression is concerned. 

A D W E N A  S H E M O N  is currently the Editor in Chief for S O R N  M A G A Z I N E, founded in Paris, France. 


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